Within certain limits, breaches of the rules could even be permissible.

Within certain limits, breaches of the rules could even be permissible.

The current values ​​are only partially comparable with those from the spring, as significantly more tests are now carried out and more infections are discovered as a result. According to the RKI, a total of 481,013 people across Germany have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic (as of October 29, 12:00 a.m.). The number of deaths related to the virus rose 89 to a total of 10,272.

The RKI estimates that around 339,200 people have now recovered. According to the RKI status report on Wednesday, the number of reproductions, or R value for short, was 1.03 in Germany (previous day: 1.17). This means that one infected person infects a little more than one other person. The R-value depicts the infection rate about one and a half weeks beforehand. In addition, the RKI gives a so-called seven-day R in its management report.

The value relates to a longer period and is therefore less subject to daily fluctuations. According to RKI estimates, this value was 1.17 on Tuesday. It shows the infection from 8 to 16 days ago. Source: ntv.de, jug / dpa / AFP “Several thousand people protested in Leipzig against the federal and state corona measures. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Thousands of people, densely packed, without masks, sometimes violent: Many participants in demos against the corona measures care little about official requirements.

In Leipzig, however, the police did not intervene – and received massive criticism. But how can you proceed in such cases? The escalated demonstration by opponents of the corona measures and the police operation in Leipzig raise many questions: the right of assembly or protection against infection – which weighs more heavily? How should police officers behave when thousands of people stand together without masks in times of pandemic? Not everyone can understand the decisions of the courts that approve such gatherings – at a time when restaurants have to close. Questions and answers about demonstrations in the Corona period. What considerations do the police make in such operations? The concern of becoming infected is not the focus here.

Rather, it is important to consider what consequences the use of physical violence would have. This is easier at demonstrations by extremists than at rallies where otherwise peaceful citizens stand next to violent radicals. From the point of view of Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, it was correct that the police did not “” proceed “” with water cannons and tear gas against pensioners, children and families, said his spokesman. How strong is the influence of extremists on these demos? That is different.

There are protest rallies by critics of the corona rules, in which extremists play no role.write my biology essay service At several larger rallies in recent months, however, groups of right-wing extremists and Reich citizens could be seen, who mingled with the otherwise quite heterogeneous audience – from so-called angry citizens to vaccine opponents to esotericists. Before the demonstration in Leipzig, the NPD and the party “” Dierechte “” mobilized.

The security authorities observed several hundred right-wing extremists and violent hooligans among the participants in the rally. In response to a request from the left-wing parliamentary group in early September, the federal government announced that, according to the intelligence agencies, there would be more than 90 rallies nationwide between April 25 and August 10 Corona measures in which right-wing extremists were spokesmen. However, some of these were campaigns with relatively few participants.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said that extremists were increasingly more open and appearing at events hosted by opponents of the corona measures. However, they did not succeed in fully exploiting the protests. Which fundamental rights play a role in court if there are disputes over conditions or bans?

The right to freedom of expression and the right to freedom of assembly, which are guaranteed in the Basic Law, play a central role. However, the right to freedom of assembly can also be restricted by law, which is also included. But there is also a right to physical integrity. “” The authorities may only impose restrictions if the rights of others are interfered with or if opinions threaten to turn into violence, “says constitutional lawyer Christoph Gusy from Bielefeld University. The subject of a demonstration shouldn’t matter.

In the case of opponents of the corona rules, it is foreseeable that they will not necessarily comply with them during a demonstration. Why is such a demonstration still allowed – and then in a city center? “A demonstration is the only way little people can get on TV,” Gusy explains. That is why the location of an event is also important. On the other hand, the place of the meeting is less relevant as long as there is media attention everywhere for a topic.

In principle, it is always relevant how well the authorities or the police were able to justify requirements and bans. Violations of hygiene requirements during demonstrations also have symbolic weight, said Gusy. “” May I reinforce symbols by not doing what I am fighting myself? It would look strange if 20,000 people demonstrated with masks against the mask requirement, “” says the lawyer. Within certain limits, breaches of the rules could even be permitted. “” But that’s a tricky question. “” What does that mean for future demonstrations? “In principle, the authorities must enable the organizers to work towards compliance with requirements,” says Mathias Hong, a specialist in public law at Kehl University of Applied Sciences. “But of course it can also play a role if this has not happened at similar events in the past.” “This is also how the Federal Constitutional Court held an urgent decision in August when it banned a corona protest camp. Gusy says: “” The more often meetings get out of hand, like at the weekend in Leipzig, the easier it is for the authorities to justify bans and strict conditions and thus also exist in court. “” “” If it is foreseeable in advance that there will be a large number If those attending the meeting do not adhere to the requirements of the assembly authority, the police can only correct this to a limited extent during the event, “” said Interior Minister Seehofer. “This is why the courts must also ask themselves whether the decisions they have to make can be implemented realistically,” he added.

Seehofer said Germany was in an exceptional situation as a result of the pandemic, the government, judiciary, parliaments and the population “demanded a high level of responsibility.” “How high is the risk of infection in an open-air demonstration?” The former President of the International The Society for Aerosols in Medicine, Gerhard Scheuch, believes that significantly less than one percent of infections take place in the open air. “” Corona is an indoor problem, “says the aerosol expert. Numerous evidence and studies indicated this. According to Scheuch, aerosols dilute very quickly outdoors.

The risk of infection is not zero. However, one would have to have been standing close to one another for a long time and “blowing an aerosol cloud into one’s face” in order to transmit the virus If humans are small enough, aerosol transmission can also take place in the open air. Especially without a face mask, when singing or when shouting loudly. If people arrive in larger groups in vehicles and do not wear face masks, the risk of transmission increases further.

But it is also clear that the risk is higher in closed rooms. The Robert Koch Institute announces on its website that broadcasts in the outdoor area are rare. If the minimum distance is maintained, the probability of transmission outdoors is very low due to the air movement.

Specifically about the demonstration in Leipzig, aerosol expert Scheuch says: “” I don’t think that many people were infected. “” Even after mass gatherings in the USA or the large demonstration against the state corona measures in Berlin at the end of August, there are therefore none Infections become known. Source: ntv.de, chf / dpa “Distance, masks, contact restrictions: What did it bring? (Photo: dpa) After the cuts caused by the partial lockdown, the increase in new infections reported to the RKI every day is weakening. On Monday, the number is even significantly below the value from the previous week. Is this the beginning of a trend reversal? The health authorities in Germany have reported 10,824 new corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within 24 hours. That is around 6100 cases less than on Sunday, according to information from the RKI on Monday morning. On Mondays, the number of cases recorded is usually lower, among other things because fewer tests are carried out on the weekend on the same day in the previous week, however, a clear decline can also be seen.

Last Monday, the number of new infections reported was 13,363. The peak was reached last Friday with 23,542 reported cases. According to the RKI, a total of 801,327 people across Germany have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic (as of November 16, 00:00). The number of deaths related to the virus rose 62 to a total of 12,547 as of Monday.

The RKI estimates that around 515,200 people have now recovered. According to the RKI situation report on Sunday, the so-called seven-day R is 1.03 (previous day: 1.05). This means that 100 infected people theoretically infect a good 100 more people. The value represents the occurrence of the infection 8 to 16 days ago. If it is below 1 for a long time, the infection process subsides.

Note: The RKI figures usually deviate slightly from the case data that ntv.de reports daily in the evening. The ntv.de data team has direct access to the registration figures from the federal states as published by the local ministries and authorities. The RKI, on the other hand, is bound to the legally prescribed reporting channels, which can lead to a delay. In addition, the respective daily values ​​show different recording periods: The ntv evaluation collects the country information published by the evening and calculates a daily status of the reported number of cases. which is usually published from 8 p.m. The RKI’s recording system, on the other hand, takes incoming reports into account until midnight, with the current data status being announced the following morning. Source: ntv.de, jog / dpa “Despite Corona, Deutsche Bank is also presenting a surprisingly good result in the third quarter CEO is enthusiastic – but doesn’t want to rule out a merger with the major Swiss bank UBS in the long term. The CEO of Deutsche Bank, Christian Sewing, is “” proud “” “of the good quarterly results of his company.

With a profit of 482 million euros before taxes in the third quarter, Deutsche Bank has exceeded even the most optimistic forecasts. “” This is a continuation of the clear development over the last 15 months, “” Sewing said on RTL / ntv “” Frühstart “”. “” We achieved our goals in all business areas: very successful investment banking, but I’m also very proud of the business areas that have done incredibly well in an environment of low interest rates. “” The restructuring of the bank is paying off, man have so far increased in every quarter of 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year. Despite this positive development, Sewing does not want to rule out a merger of the largest German financial institution with a European competitor, which has been speculated about again and again, in the long term Spring was still feared. Sewing explicitly praised the federal government for this: “” We certainly owe that to the reaction of the federal government with the support programs.

But also a significantly stronger export to Asia. “” Now we have to be prepared for the fact that this upswing will decrease again in the next six months. Nevertheless, he believes that Germany still has a good chance – “” in the best case “” – of getting through the crisis and even “” has one or the other opportunity to grow. “” However, Sewing also expects that The crisis will translate into more bankruptcies in the coming year. “We all have to be prepared, especially in the fourth quarter and first quarter of next year, that uncertainty will rise again.” “Sewing believes his bank is well positioned for these uncertainties. You will have provisions between 0.35 and 0.45 percent of the loan volume as risk provisions – “” significantly less than the competition “”. Sewing wants a future merger of Deutsche Bank, for example with the major Swiss bank UBS, in the “” early start “” do not exclude. “” In this industry and overall, I can’t rule out anything at all. I can only say what the goal of Deutsche Bank is: to go our own way. “” First you concentrate on your own homework.

Germany needs a strong national bank, said Sewing. “”This is us. We have recovered really well and that’s why we can take this place. “” But Sewing also says: “” Europe must become our home market. This requires large European banks. “” That could mean “” in the long run, “” that we see bank consolidation “”. Source: ntv.de, mbo “In view of the increasing number of infections, Chancellor Merkel wants to coordinate with the country leaders on Tuesday about the further corona strategy. FDP interior expert Konstantin Kuhle warns of an overreaction.

The state functions better than expected in the crisis. The FDP interior expert Konstantin Kuhle has warned of the upcoming Corona summit by Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Minister of the federal states against an outbid competition. “” It should send out a signal for a differentiated approach, “said Kuhle of the RTL / ntv editorial team. Kuhle criticized individual prime ministers across the board, “” who previously staked out how far they wanted to go via the press. “” The FDP politician was generally open to the introduction of a corona traffic light, as is already in use in Austria. “A traffic light system can make sense under certain circumstances, but you have to look very carefully at whether you are not using a mallet here and again restricting the basic rights of citizens more than is absolutely necessary,” says Kuhle Kuhle considers an upper limit for private celebrations to be sensible, but at the same time warned of the consequences for the event industry and gastronomy.