The proportion of young visitors is also gratifyingly high

The proportion of young visitors is also gratifyingly high

According to the police, the cyclist wanted to cross a street in the Regensburg district of Burgweinting on Friday. A hitherto unknown driver overlooked them. To prevent a collision, the 23-year-old braked and fell off the bike, the police announced on Saturday. She knocked out a tooth as a result and was slightly injured. The driver stopped and spoke to the 23-year-old, but then drove on and left no information about her person.

Six years after the salmonella scandal surrounding the Lower Bavarian company Bayern-Ei, the former managing director was sentenced to a suspended sentence of one year and nine months. The regional court of Regensburg accused him of fraud in 190 cases and 26 cases of negligent bodily harm on Tuesday. The court also ordered to confiscate assets of 1.6 million euros from the man – the amount of fraud. This is to ensure that the ex-managing director did not earn money from the fraud, explained a court spokesman.

In view of the coronavirus crisis, the process ended faster than planned. The sentence should actually have been announced next week.

The 49-year-old has to pay 350,000 euros to various social institutions as a probation condition, explained the presiding judge Michael Hammer. The probation period is two years. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Unexpectedly, there was no suspended sentence. The court, prosecution and defense had agreed on a range of sentences two weeks ago. On Tuesday morning, the prosecutor had demanded a suspended sentence of one year and ten months, a suspended sentence of 350,000 euros and an asset levy of 1.6 million euros. The 49-year-old’s defenders called for a suspended sentence of one year and six months.

In the indictment, the prosecutor had also charged the man with a case of bodily harm resulting in death. She moved away from this for lack of evidence. The court shares this assessment. The evidence had shown that a connection between the death of a senior in Austria and eggs from the Bayern-Ei company was likely, but not without a doubt certain.

The senior had been hospitalized twice for salmonella infection before his death. It remained unclear whether there were two independent infections or whether the second was a consequence of the first. The first infection could be traced back to Bayern-Ei-Ware. A salmonella infection is true "the most likely, but not the only conceivable, cause of death"said the judge.

In favor of the defendant, it was taken into account that he had no previous conviction, had already been in custody for eight months and that the proceedings had taken a very long time. He also admitted that he knew about the positive salmonella samples. He can be blamed for having committed the acts over a long period of time. He would have had time to pause. The acts had significant health consequences for the victims.

Florian von Brunn, consumer protection spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, assessed the "deal" critical between court, prosecutor and defense. However, he said, the defendant got "after all" a prison sentence – albeit on probation. "I expressly welcome that, after all, numerous people are sick. Unfortunately not everything could be finally clarified." As a consequence of the proceedings, he called on the state government and authorities to do everything possible to prevent such food scandals in the future and to strengthen consumer protection.

Rosi Steinberger, Member of the Green Party, who followed the process as a listener, was also critical. "You feel like it should have come out a little more, but you could only prove down to the last detail only 26 cases of illness." However, the procedure also made it clear that authorities The authorities should have noticed the unsatisfactory hygienic conditions in the chicken farms and objected to them. It is good that a new control authority for large companies has been created in the course of this procedure, said Steinberger. A Europe-wide ban on keeping cages is necessary.

Upside down world before the derby: 1. FC Nürnberg surprisingly goes into the free state duel on Sunday (1.30 p.m.) in the 2nd Bundesliga as the hunter of SSV Jahn Regensburg. After several avoidable point losses this season, the Franks (13 points) want to confirm their mostly decent performance against the guests from the Upper Palatinate (14) and reward themselves with three points. "I think we are on the right track"said coach Damir Canadi on Friday. The Austrian also addressed a shortcoming of the Bundesliga relegated. "We know we haven’t won at home in two months"said Canadi.

The "Club" desperately needs the longed-for second home win to keep an eye on the promotion places. So far, the reward has been missing too often, complained Candai: "Only the result was not what we had actually achieved with the performance." Especially the 18 goals conceded in ten games annoy the Austrian. "We know that we didn’t do very well defensively, as it should be, to be at the top of the table."

It should get better against Jahn, even if next to the suspended Asger Sörensen there is a threat of another defensive failure. Georg Margreitter suffered a strain during training. "The use is very endangered", Canadi reported, adding that it was "hard to say" whether his compatriot will get fit in time. Johannes Geis, on the other hand, should be there. The midfielder and top scorer of the "Clubs" had limited exercise due to calf pain.

The Jahn Regensburg is going into the derby supported by many fans with a clear goal. The Upper Palatinate want to continue to stand in front of the franc in the table even after 90 presumably intense and emotional minutes. "It would be nice if we could take something with us"said defender Marcel Correia.

The Regensburg professionals know that a difficult task awaits them in the Max Morlock Stadium. "In terms of individual quality, Nuremberg stands out in the 2nd division. We won’t get into that many ball possession phases"said Correia. His recipe for success is: "We have to stay as gross in the work against the ball as we were last."

Goalkeeper Alex Meyer also sees the Nuremberg team "felt like a Bundesliga club". His tip: "They’ll put everything in at home." The goalkeeper also relies on his own defensive strength. "We’ve been working well defensively all season."

Regensburg had their best start to the season in the second division. The gap to third place is only five points, but the cushion to third from bottom is no bigger either. "The league is even stronger than last year", says coach Mersad Selibegovic, who expects a game in a special atmosphere. "It’s about not making gross mistakes"the coach noted.

The Bavarian State Exhibition next year will deal with the development of cities in the 13th century. "City liberated. Wittelsbach founding cities" is the name of the show, which can be seen from April 29 to November 8, 2020 in Aichach and Friedberg. With the targeted establishment and promotion of cities and markets, the Wittelsbach dynasty in particular has consolidated its economic, political and military power, said project manager Peter Wolf on Monday in Munich. The cities offered people many opportunities, such as security, protection of property and freedom of trade.

Originally the title of the exhibition should "City air makes you free" ring. The closeness to the inhuman saying "work sets you free" the National Socialists aroused criticism, so the show was renamed. The medieval facts had nothing to do with the Nazi slogan, explained museum director Richard Loibl. But that will be thematized in the exhibition.

The House of History is satisfied with the new museum in Regensburg, which opened in June. Around 230,000 visitors saw the permanent exhibition by the beginning of December, which offers an overview of around 200 years of history. Another 65,000 tickets were for the state exhibition "100 treasures from 1000 years" solved, which runs until March 8th. According to Loibl, several 10,000 came to admire the award-winning museum building or to look around in the freely accessible part of the museum. According to the museum, most of the visitors came from the Free State, a good ten percent were tourists. The proportion of young visitors is also gratifyingly high.

After the end of the successful streak in the 2nd Bundesliga, the professionals from Jahn Regensburg want to show a reaction against FC St. Pauli. Coach Mersad Selimbegovic warned on Friday against underestimating the Hanseatic League in view of the table situation. "We must not be mistaken. It’s going to be a brutally difficult game", said the coach of the Upper Palatinate, who had been seven games without defeat before the 1: 4 against Karlsruhe.

St. Pauli made an outstanding squad and many good games, said the Jahn trainer. Before the 16th match day, Regensburg are in eighth place in the 2nd Bundesliga, Pauli only in 15th place.

The fact that defender Marcel Correia was not used in the game against Karlsruher SC after his yellow card suspension surprised many. Instead, Selimbegovic continued to rely on Tim Knipping – and defended his decision. He played outstandingly in the game against Heidenheim. "What else does he have to do?"asked the coach, "or is he only there when one is blocked?". It has not yet been decided who will play on the defensive against St. Pauli on Sunday (1.30 p.m.).

In the Maria Baumer case, the public prosecutor has brought charges of murder against the woman’s former fiancé. A spokesman for the authority said on Tuesday in Regensburg. Now the responsible jury chamber of the regional court of Regensburg has to decide on the admission of the indictment. Previously, the "Central Bavarian Newspaper" reported.

The 35-year-old nurse, whom the investigators believe to be an urgent suspect, had already been in custody for the 2013 murder. In mid-December 2019, the man was arrested again. The investigators rely on a number of circumstantial evidence.

During a renewed examination of Baumer’s clothing and hair, for example, specialists were able to detect a strong sedative in the form of a drug that the suspect allegedly administered to her. How exactly and whether the agent actually killed the woman is unclear. That will probably never be clarified, it said at a press conference by the police and prosecutors at the end of 2019.

Certain search terms on Google also weigh heavily on the suspect German, as the investigators explained at the time. The man posted on the Internet on the day the young woman disappeared on Pentecost 2012 "the perfect murder", the "lethal (fatal) dose" and looked at the name of the drug.

The evidence gathered against the 35-year-old goes even further. The nurse had also administered the sedative to a friend in a tea – this came to light in a trial in 2016 before the Regensburg Regional Court. A spade that investigators found on Baumer’s skeleton also incriminates the suspect. According to the investigators, this is identical to one that the man bought in a hardware store three days before he disappeared.

The defendant’s lawyer, Michael Haizmann, said on Tuesday that his client was silent on the allegations. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the suspect had not commented since the reopening of the proceedings, and before that he had always denied the act.

The 26-year-old had been missing since May 2012. 16 months later, mushroom pickers found their skeleton in a forest near Regensburg. Baumer had lived with her fiancé and current suspect. On the day the wedding invitations were due to be sent, the 26-year-old disappeared, leaving her cell phone and engagement ring behind. The suspect eventually filed a missing person report.

They have produced their own honey, built nesting aids for birds or created a meadow for insects: 479 schools in Bavaria have received the title for their services to sustainability and environmental protection "Environmental School in Europe – International Sustainability School", announced the Ministry of the Environment on Monday in Munich. Head of Department Thorsten Glauber (Free Voters) said: "We need young people to protect our environment and successfully deal with climate change."

In order to receive the award, which is valid for one year, schools have to work on two projects on the subject of the environment, sustainability or biological diversity, document them and submit them to an expert jury. The ministry supports the tender of the European Environmental Education Foundation and implements it with the state association for bird protection in Bavaria. According to the information, 49,000 schools in more than 50 countries around the world took part in the project this year.

SSV Jahn Regensburg loses its leading player Marco Grüttner at the end of this season. As the second division soccer team announced on Friday, the captain wants to return to the family in their Swabian homeland next summer, together with his wife and two children. The striker moved to Regensburg in the summer of 2016. Grüttner was active in 121 competitive games for SSV Jahn and scored 46 goals. Since the 2017/18 season he has also been the captain of the current table seventh.

"On the one hand, this is extremely difficult for me, on the other hand, now is simply the right time for me and my family. We bought our own home last year, my wife will soon be returning to work at home and our children are now also reaching the age when it is particularly important to have relatives and friends around regularly", explained the 34-year-old.

Grüttner did not provide any information on his future football future. "What happens after the end of the season doesn’t matter in the next few months"he said.

Two of the three building contractors who were co-accused in the Regensburg corruption process have had the allegations made against them rejected by their defense lawyers.