Out of sheer anger, Ms. Becker cannot speak German and she yells at Pocher in English.

Out of sheer anger, Ms. Becker cannot speak German and she yells at Pocher in English.

She knows that she is only on the show because of her husband. To interrupt the argument, she tells Oli to just take a shower. Instead, he wants to continue the discussion. Out of sheer anger, Ms. Becker cannot speak German and she yells at Pocher in English. The other gladiators are shocked and speechless. Oli thinks he doesn’t have to apologize for anything. 

+ + + First game: drink water and ride a donkey + + +

In the first game of the second episode, the candidates have to drink two and a half liters of water within 20 minutes. Pietro vomits and is therefore not allowed to continue playing. Now the gladiators have to ride donkeys. Whoever lasts longer wins. After an hour, only Raúl and Mario are sitting on their donkeys. Now they have to drink a glass of champagne too. In the end, Mario Galler wins the game and scores a point for his blue team.

+ + + Moving and crawling animals + + +

The gladiators and their container have to move. It is 200 kilometers away from the original location. When they arrive at the new station, the candidates have to fight a wide variety of crawling animals. “It’s like with Avatar,” says Larissa Marolt. A bug in her bed makes Lilly Becker scream, a moth keeps the celebrities on their toes and doesn’t let them sleep.

+ + +  Lilly takes too long a shower and uses too much water + + +

After Lilly Becker had showered for almost 20 minutes, the water was running out. Candidates are actually only entitled to 30 liters per day if they distribute it fairly.

+ + + Game two: Truck Walk +++

The location of the second game is the setting of a “Mad Max” film. In the game “Truck Walk” a player has to collect roles that are hidden on and in moving cars. To find these roles, he has to jump from car to car. The roles must then be thrown to another player standing on a moving truck. This in turn reads the terms on the reels aloud and player number one has to memorize the terms. Behind the finish line three and a half kilometers away, the accounts are settled: if you can remember more terms, you win the game. With team red, the distribution of roles is already problematic. In addition, Larissa has problems understanding the rules of the game. Lilly is annoyed. Raúl and Ulf earn 15 points for team red. Pietro and Mario get 12 and Oli and Nadine 14 points for the blue team. Oli and Lilly bet € 500: she claims she can get 18 points, he doubts it. Pocher won the bet, it only managed 8 points. Team blue wins game two and leads 3-0.

+ + + Lilly and Boris Becker have a nanny + + +

Lilly says that she already had eight nannies. The men in the group show incomprehension. Especially Raúl doesn’t understand why you can’t even go on vacation without a nanny. “I need her for the routine,” says Lilly, because she has 8 bedrooms in her house, travels and works a lot and has to be there for her husband. Raúl’s conclusion: everyone has to decide for themselves. Lilly thinks he’s just still young and should first have children himself.

+ + + Pietro unpacks about the separation from Sara + + +

Raúl is curious and asks Pietro about the separation. “You just have to accept things,” says Pietro. A return to Sara is completely out of the question for him. The only thing that matters to him is that she is a good mother. The most important thing for him is the well-being of his son, for which he would even sit down at Alessio’s birthday table with Sara and her newcomer. He is now happy himself. Still, he doesn’t understand why there are reports about him and Sara when so many bad, more important things are happening. The singer wants to use “Global Gladiators” as a break, because the reporting was already getting on his nerves. “Only 90% of this rumor mill is true,” he says.123helpme.me Raúl thinks that Pietro has shown himself to be strong in public. “Everything is easy, everything is good,” he concludes.

+ + + Crucial game for the week +++

A donkey cart must be loaded and pulled over a long distance. The red team wins and gets 3 points. Now the jump-off is on, because the score is 3: 3. An estimation question decides which team will win. The losing team must let a gladiator go. Team blue estimates the shortest distance between the continents of Europe and Africa better and wins.

+ + + Who has to go + + + 

Choose tactically or emotionally? – That’s the big question. Only candidates from the red team can be nominated. In the end, Larissa Marolt has to go. She received six out of eight votes. The other two went to Ulf.

You can read about the first episode here:

+ + + Adrenaline rush at the Helidart + + +

The very first game of the show promises an adrenaline rush for the celebrities. In the “Helidart”, the stars have to jump from a flying helicopter into the water at a depth of ten meters. Depending on where they land, they collect different amounts of points – the highest score: 15 points. Raúl Richter manages the 15-point jump, which really annoys Oliver Pocher – he was only able to get 10 points for his team. Top model Larissa Marolt is offensive, just like back then in the jungle camp, has to endure bitches – but sees this as the greatest incentive. Team red can decide the first game for itself and is therefore allowed to move into the container as the first team.

+ + + It’s getting tight in the container + + +

The shock arrived in the container: narrow beds, a strict daily routine and fresh towels only every three days. Lilly Becker just released such a frightened “Nooooo”. The next challenge: fry the chicken. Pietro Lombardi provides the wisdom of the day: “A man without a stomach is like a house without a balcony”. Raúl is bullied about his cuddly toy, but proudly ignores it. 

+ + + The first night is over + + + 

Raúl slams directly against the bed above her when he wakes up, Larissa describes herself as the “greatest danger in Africa”. That also lets her hang out when it comes to taking off her shoes in the container – and she really freaks out. The other candidates do not hold back with their blasphemy about her. 

+ + + Game number two: quad polo + + +

The game could actually be quite exciting – but unfortunately it isn’t. Two candidates each share a quad, one steers, the other shoots. Team blue decides the game for itself, that’s all you need to say – even if the commentator yells around as if it were the final of the soccer World Cup and Germany would win. 

+ + + Oliver Pocher and Lilly Becker clash + + +

The old dispute between Lilly and Oliver flares up again – because Lilly takes her friend and Oli’s ex-girlfriend Sabine Lisicki under protection. For Pocher this is just “sneaky chatter”, after all women would speak badly of other women as soon as they turned their backs on them. Is clear. 

+ + + Pocher tells of his childhood with the Jehovah’s Witnesses + + +

As a child, comedian Oliver Pocher was never allowed to celebrate his birthday because he was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses – as were all his friends. At 18 he got out. Lilly also talks about her childhood, she grew up without her parents. Their story comes to an abrupt end, however, as the road trip continues.

+ + + Slush on the way to Game Three + + + 

On the way to the third game, the container gets stuck in the mud – in total darkness, of course. But that’s part of the Africa adventure after all. It doesn’t matter whether you sleep two kilometers further in front or behind, as Larissa notes so nicely: “The astronauts do that too”. Well then!

+ + + Raúl pinches at Spidernet-Boule + + +

“Global Gladiators”: This is the new celebrity desert show Pietro Lombardi: Special rule for Pietro Lombardi in the desert camp “Global Gladiators”: These are the eight candidates

Before the game really starts, Lilly Becker yells at Larissa first – because she is unsure whether she should play. And “has bigger problems than this game!” Spidernet boules is about first collecting the boules balls in a net and then throwing them in free fall at a specific target. Problem: You are hanging over a deep ravine. Larissa simply comments on the whole thing with: “No fucking way”. Nadine Angerer puts forward, manages to place the ball 3.40 meters away from the target – and thus retains the lead. For Raúl Richter, the game turns out to be a huge challenge: He cannot bring himself to jump. For Ulf Kirsten, too, the jump is a huge overcoming – but he does it.  

+ + + This time nobody has to go +++

All candidates are allowed to go into the next round – only then can each team nominate a candidate from the opposing team.

At the beginning of 2021, the new season “The Teacher” starts on RTL. For Hendrik Duryn, the series chapter ends after eleven years. His successor is now an actor who made a career as a “heartbreaker”.

The RTL presenters then and now

Photo series with 20 pictures

At the beginning of 2021 RTL will present the ninth season “The Teacher”. But the broadcaster is already announcing who will follow in the footsteps of Hendrik Duryn, who was the leading actor for the series for eleven years. It is now clear: Simon Böer is the new leading actor in “Der Lehrer”. 

Although the station is still producing a new season with Duryn, filming will run until the beginning of next year. When these 13 episodes will be seen is unclear. RTL itself speaks of “early 2021” in its message. Simon Böer would only then succeed him.

Simon Böer: He is the new leading actor in “Der Lehrer”. (Source: imago images / Horst Galuschka)

He will start his service as math and physics teacher David Ritter at the Georg Schwerthoff Comprehensive School and, as RTL writes, “offends both students and colleagues with his methodology. Instead of intuition, he relies on logic. Not social workers, but knowledge mediators he wants to be. ” Accordingly, he solves the students’ problems differently than his predecessor. “And in the end always with calm and coolness,” says the station from Cologne.

Best comedian: Hazel Brugger wins comedy award as best comedian Verbal attack: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf etches against Oliver Pocher disappointment at Christmas: ZDF cancels ” Helene Fischer Show ”

RTL is looking forward to a “renowned and great actor”. Böer studied at the “Konrad Wolf” University of Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg, followed by his first engagements at the Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Volksbühne Berlin. In 1999, Böer finally started his film and television career. Among other things, he worked in productions such as “Notruf Hafenkante”, “Stolberg”, “Beste Schwestern” and “Professor T”. He was also seen in various “crime scenes” and in the main role of the ZDF early evening series “Heartbreaker – Father of Four Sons”.  

Sources used: RTL press release

Los Angeles (dpa) – Oscar winner Jodie Foster (57, “The Silence of the Lambs”) is to film the story of a spectacular art theft.

+++ Current celebrity news +++

“Everyone cried”: Udo Walz: The funeral of the star hairdresser was so emotional. “Didn’t want to like him”: Obama spent quarantine with his daughter’s friend After an “environmental pig” excitement: Jan Böhmermann lets children’s choir sing about Corona grandma Despite separation Christmas: So gives the royal family Because of Corona: Opening of the Academy Museum postponed again

It’s about the theft of the “Mona Lisa” painting from the Louvre in Paris in 1911, as reported by the US film portals “Deadline.com” and “TheWrap”. This made the painting famous around the world, “Deadline.com” quoted the film producer Jeffrey Soros, who was able to win Foster for the still untitled project.

The Italian Vincenzo Peruggia, a former Louvre employee, had stolen Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. The mystery of the theft remained unsolved for more than two years until the portrait of a woman with the most famous smile in the world reappeared in 1913. Peruggia, who claimed he wanted to return the painting to his native Italy, offered it to an antique dealer and was arrested.

Foster, who last starred in the thriller “Hotel Artemis” (2018), has directed several times. In 2016, she brought George Clooney and Julia Roberts in front of the camera for “Money Monster”. In 2011 she directed the tragic comedy “Der Biber” with Mel Gibson. Her first directorial project was “Das Wunderkind Tate” (1991).

The number of new corona cases within one day has risen dramatically again – and is just below the record level last Saturday. The RKI warns the population to protect themselves and others.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the health authorities in Germany reported 7,595 new corona infections within 24 hours on Wednesday morning. The value remains just below the high of 7,830 from Saturday, but is well above the 5,132 new infections reported last Wednesday.

On Saturday, the number of new infections reached a record for the third time in a row since the start of the corona pandemic in Germany. However, the current values ​​are only partially comparable with those from spring, because significantly more tests are now being carried out – and thus more infections are being discovered. 

What the federal states say: The next lockdown is looming here

 According to experts, the newly reported infections are an indication of how strong the virus was in society about a week ago because of the time between infection, test, result and report. That is why it will take some time before political measures can be reflected in the registration figures.

Hover your mouse pointer over a district to see how many new infections there have been over the past seven days per 100,000 inhabitants. The data come from the Robert Koch Institute and are updated daily. Please note: districts and district towns with the same name are shown separately