Liqueur from flowers: elderflower liqueur – simple recipes to make yourself

Liqueur from flowers: elderflower liqueur – simple recipes to make yourself

The marine diet contains a lot of protein, iodine and selenium. The valuable omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish are particularly important for a balanced diet during pregnancy.

Sensitive diet: Forbidden foods during pregnancy Parasites: Parasites: Can be transmitted through raw meat Breastfeeding: Diet during breastfeeding Infectious disease: Toxoplasmosis – symptoms, therapy and transmission

Caution: You should avoid smoked fish such as gravlax and raw fish, for example in sushi. They can be contaminated with dangerous germs that can lead to miscarriages and illness. Tip: If you are unsure, you should discuss your diet with your gynecologist.

Not so long ago, homemade liqueurs were considered old-fashioned, they had a somewhat dusty image – meanwhile, the production of your own, individual liqueur has become a trend. You can not only impress guests with it, but also always have a souvenir or gift for friends and family ready. We will show you how you can make lavender liqueur, a specialty from Provence, yourself.

Purple wonder: it’s all in lavender

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Lavender liqueur: origin and effect

Lavender liqueur is special not only because of its unmistakable color and characteristic smell. Valuable ingredients dissolve in the alcohol during production. Liqueurs made from medicinal plants such as lavender can – when consumed in moderation – have a health-promoting effect.

Originally, liqueurs made from herbs and flowers were only intended as medicinal products – in the Middle Ages they were therefore mostly made in monasteries. The aim at that time was to distill the healing power of herbs with the help of alcohol. In contrast to schnapps, liqueur is enriched with at least 100 grams of sugar per liter and therefore tastes sweeter and contains less alcohol.

The effective ingredients are found in the lavender flowers, which contain essential oil. According to “Apotheken-Umschau”, this lavender oil consists mainly of the substances linalyl acetate and linalool, which are said to have a positive effect on sleep and psyche. They are also said to have an anti-anxiety effect.

Lavender liqueur: the ingredients

You can use the following recipe to distill your own lavender liqueur. For a bottle of liqueur (about 1 l) you need:

– at least 30 g lavender flowers (without stems) – at least 100 g rock candy – 1 l grain – 1 lemon (preferably organic) – optionally 20 g orange blossoms

Preparation of the liqueur

Put the lavender blossoms with the sugar and, if you like, orange blossoms in a mason jar. Cut the washed lemon into slices and add them. Then pour the grain over it and seal the jar airtight.

Now you have to be patient, because a good liqueur should steep for at least six You can then sieve the distillate and fill it into smaller bottles as required.

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Fleur de Lavande

The “Fleur de Lavande”, as the lavender liqueur is called in France, comes from Provence and is either drunk neat or poured with sparkling wine. Another insider tip: serve the liqueur as a sauce for dessert, for example with ice cream.

Countless fans voted for their favorites on Sunday evening. But in the end no celebrity had to leave the camp. Were the calls now for nothing?

Jungle test: “Listen, how hammered”

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After Marco Cerullo and Toni Trips, the next celebrity should have moved out of camp on Sunday evening. But RTL did without that on the tenth day in the jungle. The reason for this decision: Günther Krause. The ex-minister had to leave the Australian bush on the first day. And so the celebrities could breathe again on Sunday.

“All votes of the audience are recorded”

But what happens to the calls from the audience? Because they were asked during the broadcast to vote for their favorites for 50 cents per call on the German landline network. The viewers only found out in the last few seconds of the broadcast that no candidate had to leave the camp on day ten.

But the calls were not entirely in vain. As RTL announced on its website, “all of the audience’s votes have of course been recorded and will continue to count towards the decision on day eleven”. 

Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich: They announce the good news to the campers. (Source: TVNOW)

Although no one had to leave, Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow still announced who had received the fewest calls from the stars: Raúl Richter and Anastasiya Avilova. Both can now prove themselves again and convince the audience of themselves on day eleven.

Who will be king of the jungle?

The celebrities have six days until the final. On January 25th, Germany’s next king of the jungle will be chosen. Six VIPs will have to leave the camp in the next five days. The grand finale will take place on the sixth day.

Usually only three candidates make it to the last day. Accordingly, two celebrities would have to be selected at once in another episode. Last year, three VIPs had to leave the camp the day before the final.

We will find out on January 25th who will really be Germany’s next jungle king. Then the grand finale of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” instead of. 

From here on only trash: Jungle camp day ten: Without Danni everything is stupid “Just skin and bones”: Toni wants to gain weight quickly after the jungle. Markus gets eight stars: Spectators react to exam without Danni

Here you will find all information, background information and news about the program.

Sources Used: “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” from January 19, On day 10 nobody flies out of the camp

This time the GZSZ fan base didn’t help: Raúl Richter was kicked out on day 15 of the jungle camp. In an interview with, he is amazed above all because of an action. 

He himself admits that he was “too calm” in the jungle camp. Raúl Richter provided “I’m a star – get me out of here!” for little fuss, most of his time at camp sat in silence. The ex- “GZSZ” actor is likely to have stayed on the show for so long less because of his performance than because of the traditionally call-friendly fan base of RTL-Dailysoap. 

His former colleagues, Felix van Deventer last year and Jörn Schlönvoigt 2015, finally made it to the finals and finished second in the jungle camp. However, this year’s GZSZ candidate also had an emotional highlight to offer: When a letter was read to his girlfriend, he burst into tears. Two of his colleagues couldn’t do anything with it. In an interview with, Raúl Richter tells us why he doesn’t understand this. 

Jungle: Danni Büchner’s facial acrobatics

Photo series with 14 pictures Were you too calm to move into the final?

Raúl Richter: Yes, of course I was too calm – I noticed that myself. Especially in the first week I was very cautious. I struggled to find my role in the camp. And to be honest: The women in the camp were already very dominant.

Why was that like that?

I’m not someone who pushes myself to the fore. I stayed true to myself and in the end I stepped on the gas. When I’m hungry and not doing well, I can’t crack jokes. I’m usually much more agile, louder, and funnier.

Day 15 in the jungle camp: For Raúl Richter, the trip was over, despite his emotional outburst the day before. (Source: TVNow)

Some fellow campers shared a lot of private information. Why didn’t you reveal anything about yourself?

Danni sometimes took it to the extreme with her stories and repeated her tragic fate very often. But I am kissed by the sun, I have no sad stories to tell. I don’t want to suck anything out of my fingers just to get more airtime. The other jungle campers simply had more to tell.

Your most emotional moment was certainly when the letter was read by your friend. You cried. Sven and Markus didn’t buy it from you, though. What do you say?

That surprises me! The charge that my tears were acted out is total rubbish. I know it was received differently outside – it was definitely not an act. One cannot put oneself in this situation. I don’t cry that often in my private life, but in camp you just get thin-skinned.


I missed my girlfriend very much. And if you have no contact with the outside world and then there comes a beautifully made letter: Wow! That really took me away. I have thought of my girlfriend a lot and this letter made me cry. That is perfectly legitimate!

A man with tears: When Raúl Richter can no longer contain himself in the jungle camp because of the news from his girlfriend, he has to take criticism from Markus Reinecke and Sven Ottke. (Source: TVNow)

Danni is – with her often very emotional nature – now in the final. Did you miss that?

I do not think so. Elena also cried a lot and didn’t make it to the final. Either you’re someone who likes to shed tears or you don’t. As a rule, we men are just not so receptive to it.

The other GZSZ stars landed in second place. Why wasn’t it enough for you?

Felix van Deventer and Jörn Schlönvoigt are still active at GZSZ and have a much larger fan base. On the other hand, I’ve been dead for five years (laughs) – in the series. Accordingly, they had different requirements than me.

After the jungle out: Markus Reinecke: ” The tear gland has been exploited ” Vote !: The finalists have been decided: Who will get the jungle crown? Two more stars are out: Jungle Camp: The three finalists have been determined

Thank you very much for talking to us, Raúl. 

You will find out who will really be Germany’s new jungle king in the end on Saturday evening in the grand finale of “I am a star – get me out of here!”. Here you will find all information, background information and news about the program.  

In many households there are vitamin tablets that are supposed to replace fruit. However, in most cases it is not necessary to supplement the diet in this way. Recently, there have been increasing concerns about how useful these dietary supplements actually are – or whether they are actually a danger.

The biggest misconceptions about nutrition

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Replace fruit: not really necessary

According to the WDR, around a third of Germans regularly take vitamin tablets, and they spend around 1.3 billion euros on these pills and other preparations a year. For most people, however, it makes no sense to supplement their diet with vitamin tablets or other supplements in order to replace or at least reduce the consumption of fruit. In industrialized nations in particular, people usually consume sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals through their daily diet, which is why vitamin tablets are actually not necessary. (Essential vitamins and nutrients)

The situation is different, however, for risk groups: Here, taking such preparations and food supplements may actually make sense. For example, it may be advisable for pregnant women to take in additional folic acid in this way, or for malnourished seniors and small children to supplement their diet with vitamin D supplements.

Controversial studies fuel the nutrition debate

For a long time it was assumed that vitamin tablets actually replace fruit and could be a useful addition to the daily menu – or at least that they would not have any harmful side effects. Many researchers now see it differently. Recently the results of two US studies were published – the so-called Iowa study and a survey in the specialist magazine “JAMA” – which came to a very different conclusion. They examined the lifestyle and health of several thousand men and women, sometimes over several decades, taking into account the consumption of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Medical diagnosis: vitamin deficiency – causes and symptoms

Vitamin tablets: not healthy, but dangerous?

The surprising, albeit controversial, result: the Iowa study found that the mortality rate among consumers of certain vitamin tablets increased by up to 45 percent; according to the “JAMA” study, the risk of prostate cancer rose by 17 percent in male subjects. It is precisely these results that have resulted in politicians and the authorities in Germany being much more sensitive to the issue. Jürgen Windeler, head of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, demands in an article in “Spiegel”: “The potential for long-term damage can no longer be ignored