Instagram star dies after cosmetic surgery

Instagram star dies after cosmetic surgery

In many schools, children can now leave heavy books and teaching materials in class. If parents are unsure about this, a discussion with the class teacher can help.

More exercise for better muscle building

But a properly packed satchel is only half the battle, according to Ruprecht. It is also crucial whether the child’s muscles are strong enough to effectively support the spine under the weight of a school bag. "When television, computers and the like prevent children from playing outside, the muscles are not trained enough. The result: bones and joints have to cushion the weight of the school bag." From Ruprecht’s point of view, this development weighs even more heavily than a fully packed school bag. He therefore recommends plenty of exercise in the fresh air. Sports in a club are just as suitable for this as simply romping around in the garden or on the playground.

According to a report from NDR Info, parents of a Hamburg school were asked to open current accounts for their children at Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa). The reason: Payment in the canteen will be changed, paying with cash will no longer be possible in the future. According to NDF Info, the school authorities consider the request to be inadmissible. Consumer advocates criticized this practice.

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Joint letter from school management and Haspa

According to NDR, a letter written jointly by the school management and Haspa states: "As a partner of the ‘Schule am Walde’ we are happy to support the introduction of the new payment method and provide the complete system … Please open a student current account for your child at Haspa." The letterhead of the letter is adorned with the official logo of the primary school next to that of Haspa. The letter to the parents, which NDR Info is present, is signed by an employee of the Sparkasse and the deputy headmaster.

Criticism from consumer advocates

Consumer advocates criticize this practice. "That the school does not have the feeling for how dangerous it is, that children are hooked on paying with cards really early here, that surprises me a lot, because educators should actually be there"says the financial expert at the consumer center Hamburg (VZHH), Edda Castelló.

School authorities demand new letter to parents

Headmistress Renate Fuhrmann sees no mistake in the letter to the parents. Haspa is a regular sponsor of the primary school. The Hamburg school authority sees it differently. Based on research by NDR Info, she has already taken action on the Spokeswoman Brigitte Köhnlein: "This is clearly not allowed because it is asking to buy a product. The school supervisory board has asked the school to write a new letter to the parents, in which they expressly state that the parents are of course not forced to open an account with Haspa, but can also pay with any other debit card or cash ."

He had already escaped to a bus stop. After a heavily drunk man had a car accident in Kiel, he was hit and missed. Police dog Aaron did not let him escape.

A service dog led the Kiel police to track down the fugitive driver after an accident. As the police announced on Monday, the 32-year-old drunk driver had an accident in Heikendorf (Plön district) and then fled.

According to the police, the service dog Aron tracked the man after the broken car was discovered. The dog spotted the 32-year-old at a nearby bus stop. According to the police, a breath alcohol test on the driver showed a value of over three per thousand.

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The new guidelines for school lessons shortly before Christmas do not meet with much approval from the teachers’ union VBE. "For school principals this is the worst of all solutions", said the state chairman of the Association of Education (VBE), Gerhard Brand, on Tuesday in Stuttgart. The different plans for the lower and higher grades are a sign of the conflict in the state government and a "green-black compromise in election campaign times".

Under the new guidelines, parents in grades 1 to 7, among others, can take their children out of class without explanation, while others continue to go to school. "This means that some have a knowledge deficit or the others do not receive proper instruction"said Brand.

According to the government’s plans, the Christmas holidays will not start until December 23, as originally planned, despite the corona pandemic. For grades 1 to 7, regular face-to-face lessons are planned at the schools, but the compulsory attendance will be suspended on December 21st and 22nd. Students from grade 8 should be taught distance learning.

"It would have been wise to give the two days off as recognition for the teachers"said Brand. In his opinion, the care of the children and young people could have been organized by the municipalities. "Teachers just to supervise, that’s not okay"said the VBE state chairman. "And it would have been best if everything had been left as it was right from the start."

A sticker on a street sign made a little boy in Wiesbaden very happy. His bike now has a parking space. The photo of the sweet gesture is spreading rapidly on the Internet.

Christie Dietz from England usually writes about food and travel. But on Monday afternoon, she posted two photos from her private life in Wiesbaden. More precisely, it was about her 4-year-old son. He was given a private parking space for his bike. More than 250,000 Twitter users like the pictures. The gesture of the stranger touches many.

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"My son has parked his bike on this sign almost every day for a year. This morning this sticker was stuck there. That made our day great. People can be so great. Thank you whoever did this", writes Christie Dietz in the post on Twitter. Two photos show a mast with a sticker. It shows a white one "P" on a blue background and below a photo of a small, green bicycle. At the bottom it says "ONLY". With this sticker, the stranger reserved the mast exclusively for Christie’s 4-year-old son, because the bike belongs to him.

"My son is very happy with this sticker"said Christie Dietz in an interview with the British "BBC". She is also glad that the tweet made so many people smile. She wrote on Twitter: "I wrote a thank you note that I will hang up there later."

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The sometimes dramatic shortage of teachers will worsen from the point of view of experts in many federal states in the new school year. Now the German Teachers Association is sounding the alarm.

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According to the German Teachers’ Association, there is a shortage of almost 40,000 trained teachers in Germany’s schools. "We haven’t had such a dramatic shortage of teachers in Germany for three decades"said the president of the association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, of "Passauer Neue Presse". "Around 10,000 teaching positions are currently vacant. In addition, there are around 30,000 positions that will be filled with non-teachers, newcomers, retirees and students."

Fight against the shortage of teachers: In the new school year there is a risk of massive cancellation of lessons"I think it’s scandalous": Thousands of teachers go on summer vacation unemployedCurrent study: Germany is running out of elementary school teachers

The situation at elementary and special schools is particularly critical. "In almost all federal states the development has been overslept and there has been no reaction to the rise in births for years", criticized Meidinger. In addition, more and more teacher training places have been cut.

In countries like Berlin and Saxony one has to speak of an educational emergency. "That’s a scandal. In Berlin, 70 percent of the newly hired teachers in the primary school sector are lateral entrants without any previous pedagogical training."

The GEW’s assessment is similar

Just recently, the Education and Science Union (GEW) reprimanded the recruitment practice at Berlin schools. In addition to the lack of professional qualifications, GEW regional chief Tom Erdmann criticized the fact that the teachers without teaching qualifications mostly received fixed-term employment contracts. The personnel situation at the schools has therefore deteriorated further.

A survey by paints a similar picture: The ministries of culture and education of the federal states were asked to disclose the positions currently being advertised and the actual new hires. The ministries should also explain how they look to recruit teachers.

It became clear that the shortage of teachers differs in the federal states – but there are problems even in federal states that do well in comparative studies. However, the personnel gap is greatest in the new federal states and Berlin. 

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To really enjoy summer and sun, this definitely includes a visit to the swimming pool or a trip to the lake for children. Get into the cool water and have as much fun as possible. But children are often unable to assess the dangers that threaten in and around the water and they find themselves in life-threatening situations. The result: a child or young person drowns around every week in Germany. And only last year the lifeguards sounded the alarm: every third child under the age of 18 cannot swim. Parents can protect their children from risks in the swimming pool or at the lake.

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Confidence and independence through swimming

The ideal age to learn to swim is between five and eight. If the children learn to swim before they start school, the newly acquired ability usually also strengthens self-confidence and independence. In the water, the children can have very different sensory and movement experiences, on the one hand they experience pressure, resistance and buoyancy and on the other hand the water massages the tissue and trains the sense of balance. The different stimuli stimulate the individual parts of the body and expand body awareness. Moving around in the water is therefore also suitable for children who are restricted in their perception and movement due to disabilities.

Swimming lessons are the best protection

But bathing fun is also associated with dangers for children: a total of 475 people died in bathing accidents last year. "The best protection is swimming lessons"says Dr. Sabine Voermans, Head of Health Management at Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). The doctor therefore advocates swimming lessons in primary school and also advises adult non-swimmers to take a swimming course. However, parents should note the very long waiting times for a swimming course: "The waiting time for a seahorse group is up to two years", says Susanne Woelk, managing director of the campaign "The safe house" (DSH) in Hamburg. Children should be registered at the age of three so that they can get a place on the course when they are at their best learning age for swimming.

One of the healthiest sports

"Swimming is one of the healthiest sports of all: it trains the cardiovascular system, strengthens endurance, is gentle on the back and joints and strengthens the entire musculature", Voermans promotes water sports. For this reason alone, the doctor advises parents to teach their children to swim at an early age: "Those who enjoy a sport at a young age often stick with it for their entire life. And: Swimming is like riding a bike – once you’ve learned it correctly, you can stay afloat for the rest of your life", says Voermans.

Always keep an eye on the children

That is why she recommends that parents take their little ones with them regularly after swimming lessons "Seahorse" to go swimming to consolidate what you have learned. "In the outdoor pool and especially at the bathing lake, parents should always keep an eye on their child – having fun and playing in the water makes them forget many warnings"says Voermans. In unsupervised waters, children should only swim when accompanied and not move too far from the bank.

Simple water games with toddlers

The following games and exercises can help parents develop their children’s swimming skills:

Playing catch in knee-deep water Parents and children stand opposite each other or in a circle. Everyone stretch their arms towards the middle.