Better living conditions worldwide

Better living conditions worldwide

After an interview with Schreiber, Funke believes that reports by the AfD dropout, Franziska Schreiber, that Maaßen gave the ex-AfD boss Frauke Petry tips on how to avoid being monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Gauland himself openly admitted meetings with the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, who is also holding talks with members of parliament from other parties. “Mr. Maaßen asked me at a reception (…) if we could talk,” said the AfD boss. This happened last January. It was about general safety assessments. “Of course, he didn’t give us any advice in any way,” assured Gauland. “But he told me, ‘If you have a problem, you can contact me’.”

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The AfD does not like the fact that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution will have a closer eye on them in the future. But the other parties. After the federal government, some countries also want to focus more on the AfD.

The decision of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution to take a closer look at the AfD met with great approval from all other parties. Bundestag Vice President Thomas Oppermann called it “long overdue that the protection of the Constitution is closely monitoring the interaction between AfD and neo-Nazis”. The AfD has undoubtedly become more radical in the past few months, “said the SPD politician of the” Welt “. Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) welcomed the decision by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as” plausible and understandable “.” It must now be implemented consistently “, said the editorial network Germany (Wednesday).

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) declared the party as a whole to be a test case on Tuesday, but has not yet reached the threshold for observation with V-people and telephone monitoring. The domestic secret service wants to take a closer look at the right-wing national “wing” and the youth organization Junge Alternative (JA). These were declared a suspected case, as the BfV boss Thomas Haldenwang explained. There are important indications that “wings” and YES should be classified as “extremist efforts”. The AfD wants to defend itself legally.

Gauland reacts with incomprehension

A party can become a test case if the authorities recognize the first signs of extremist tendencies. Observation with informants or other intelligence services is not yet permitted. If, on the other hand, an organization is declared a suspected case, like the “wing” around the Thuringian party and faction leader Björn Höcke, the use of intelligence resources is possible, but only to a very limited extent.

The AfD chairman Alexander Gauland accused the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of having made a decision on the basis of unsuitable evidence. “If he cites as an example that we are in favor of the abolition of the individual right of asylum, then he would also have to declare Mr. (Rupert) Scholz, (the) former defense minister of the CDU, and Mr. (Friedrich) Merz to be a test case. They have exactly the same thing demanded “, said Gauland on Wednesday in the ZDF” Morgenmagazin “. He admitted that individual AfD members expressed themselves unconstitutionally, which is why exclusion proceedings were running against them. But: “You cannot attribute individual statements to the party as a whole.”

Thomas Haldenwang, President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution: Advice without giving advice. (Source: Markus Schreiber / AP / dpa)

Greens parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter said in the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Wednesday): “It is not as harmless and bourgeois as the AfD is always trying to be.”

The chairwoman of the Bundestag Interior Committee, Andrea Lindholz, also welcomed the decision. “This is not about party politics, but about protecting our free and democratic basic order,” said the CSU politician of the “Rheinische Post” (Wednesday) It is of crucial importance that the procedure is carried out in a legally secure manner and is based on reliable facts.

Saxony-Anhalt’s interior minister, Holger Stahlknecht, praised the fact that “the protection of the constitution has not succumbed to the many politically motivated calls to watch the AfD”. The CDU politician told the German press agency: “That shows that we do not have a politically controlled secret service.” The AfD in Saxony-Anhalt is assigned to the right-wing national party spectrum.

“Politically really painful”

The CDU interior expert Armin Schuster said: “It is politically really painful when a party represented in the German Bundestag becomes a test or suspected case for the protection of the constitution.” Schuster added: “But from a legal point of view alone, parts of the AfD have provided so many indications of anti-constitutional efforts that the decision could hardly have turned out otherwise.”

State offices for the protection of the constitution now want to take a closer look at the AfD. This was announced, for example, by North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) in Düsseldorf and Lower Saxony’s head of department Boris Pistorius (SPD) in Hanover.

Protection of the Constitution with a new assessment: Time is running out for the AfD AfD test case: This is how the Protection of the Constitution justifies its decision

The former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, told the editorial network Germany (Wednesday) with a view to the BfV decision: “That gives me hope that in three or four years we will no longer have to talk about the AfD.”

The FDP European politician Alexander Graf Lambsdorff told the “Welt” that the AfD would remain in the parliaments “where we must continue to fight their mixture of” fake news “and scare tactics with arguments”.

Berlin (dpa) – The AfD is confronted in the affair of an anonymous large donation from Switzerland with the accusation of concealment.

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The parliamentary managing director of the Green parliamentary group, Britta Haßelmann, said on Tuesday: “The suspicion of illegal party funding in the AfD is apparently confirmed. It is bottomless how Alice Weidel tries to sell the public for stupid.” Nobody believes the parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag that she did not know that party donations from countries outside the EU are illegal and where the money comes from. The education should not be limited to the donation to Weidel. The Bundestag must also check whether the AfD systematically violates financial rules.

The AfD had confirmed media reports that around 130,000 euros had been transferred from a Swiss pharmaceutical company to the AfD district association of Lake Constance last year. The intended purpose was stated: “Election campaign donation Alice Weidel”. The money was reportedly repaid this spring. Donations from non-EU citizens to German parties are not allowed. The AfD may therefore face fines. The party did not provide any information on who is behind the donation.

According to party leader Jörg Meuthen, the AfD had filed a lawsuit against an association for the preservation of the rule of law in Munich in October. In several election campaigns, the club had produced posters and brochures calling for the AfD to be voted. Meuthen said last July: “We say: We are entering a fairway where we are accused of being illegal party funding.” That is why the AfD prohibited the association from using the party logo.

At the request of WDR, NDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, the board of directors of the Zurich-based company PWS Pharmawholesale International AG had stated that the company’s managing director had transferred the money “in trust for a business friend”. It was not clear to him that the AfD was the recipient.

The public prosecutor in Konstanz has now initiated preliminary investigations into the large donation. “We are at the preliminary examination stage,” said the director, Johannes-Geog Roth. On Tuesday, the matter was also reported by a citizen from the district. “Spiegel Online” first reported that the authority was examining “whether there are indications of criminal acts”.

Weidel had stated on Monday: “The account on which the donation was received is the regular account of the district association of the Lake Constance district. The donation did not go to my person.” They exclude personal consequences.

Last August, the state treasurer of the AfD in Baden-Württemberg replied in an e-mail to the question of the treasurer of the Bodensee district association, whether she had to “report or announce” donations from an unknown benefactor from Switzerland “somewhere” Amounts received on the account of the district association were “normal donations”.

The UN wants to regulate global migration with a pact. The AfD senses the legalization of illegal immigration. In the Bundestag, the government and the opposition clearly contradicted this.

The United Nations speaks of a milestone in international refugee policy. At the weekend, the UN member states want to sign a global pact for orderly migration. But not all countries are taking part. The USA refuses, as do Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. In Germany, the AfD has been raising the mood against the agreement for weeks.

The governing parties and representatives of the opposition defended the pact on Thursday in the Bundestag against criticism. Union parliamentary group Vice Stephan Harbarth (CDU) contradicted the AfD’s representation that the agreement legalized illegal migration. Rather, it leads to fewer migrants looking for the way to Europe because it strives for the same standards worldwide for orderly and, above all, humane migration. To the AfD address, he said: “Whoever votes against the pact is acting against Germany’s national interest.”

Christoph Matschie from the SPD accused the AfD of spreading lies about the migration pact. The party has an interest in hijacking the topic for its propaganda. “They just want to stir up fear and hatred,” said Matschies. Worldwide migration can only be solved internationally. The pact is not about opening the door to migration, but about regulating it better, the SPD politician continued.

Gauland: Germany should become a settlement area

At the beginning of the debate, AfD party and parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland described the migration pact as a “milestone on the way to surrendering the sovereignty of our country”. He warned against “immigration into the social systems”. The agreement means a gradual transformation of the law and is a first step towards “making migration a human right that transcends national law”. He accused the proponents of the pact of wanting to make Germany a settlement area.

The FDP politician Joachim Stamp accused the AfD of spreading misinformation. “There is no human right to migrate – and it is not promised in the text,” said Stamp. At the same time, he emphasized that the agreement was a declaration of intent. “You are exposing yourself here as a conspiracy theorist”.

190 UN states are taking part – the US is not

The document approved by the UN member states is to be adopted at a summit meeting in Morocco on December 10th and 11th. It is intended to help organize flight and migration better and to strengthen the rights of those affected. The Federal Government also hopes that this will provide better handling of illegal migration.

More than 190 UN member states support the pact – but not including the USA and Austria. The right-wing conservative government in Vienna justified its withdrawal with the concern that Austria would no longer be able to decide for itself who could enter the country after it had signed. There is a threat of legal and illegal migration, labor migration and asylum being mixed up.

Better living conditions worldwide

The “Global Compact for Migration” for the first time formulates global principles for dealing with refugees. Among other things, the supporters strive to improve living conditions worldwide so that people can stay in their home country, so that working migrants are better protected against exploitation, abuse and the violation of human and labor rights. 

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It also states that receiving support services is a human right. Migrants should not be disadvantaged in this. The United Nations also calls for the full integration of migrants into the society of the host countries – on the basis of mutual respect.

The AfD had also complained that the agreement should be passed by the Bundestag. In contrast, the Foreign Office had emphasized that the pact was not a treaty under international law, but a political declaration of intent that did not require a signature or ratification by the Bundestag.

Sources used: own research news agencies dpa, Reuters

“This taboo break is extremely dangerous and must be stopped urgently”: Lars Klingbeil calls for a resolution that forbids any cooperation between the CDU and the AfD.

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